Who Are We?

Since 1988, Merrimack Safeguard has grown from the Merrimack Drug Advisory Council to a coalition that includes more than 25 members that represent our community, including law enforcement, education, parents, youth, business, faith communities, youth-serving organizations and the like. We gather monthly to develop and implement strategies to measurably improve the lives of Merrimack residents and reduce high-risk behavior among youth. Our mission is to help youth and families in Merrimack, NH, make positive choices.

JoinUs graphicFor more information, contact Tom Prentice, Coordinator

Our members live or work in Merrimack and represent 12 sectors of the community identified in the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s guidelines. The sectors include:

• Youth
• Parents
• Law enforcement
• Schools
• Businesses
• Media
• Youth-serving organizations
• Religious and fraternal organizations
• Civic and volunteer groups
• Healthcare professionals
• State, local, and tribal agencies with expertise in substance abuse
• Other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse

In 2009, we were selected to receive a 5-year Drug Free Communities grant through the White House, to help make sure our youth and families were making positive choices. Since that time, we have helped Merrimack Police remove more than 1400 pounds of unneeded prescription drugs from our homes and added Detective Prentice to serve youth at Merrimack Middle School. In 2014, our grant was renewed for five more years enabling us to continue our efforts.

Considering joining Merrimack Safeguard as a
Member or Community Partner!

Members attend our monthly meetings regularly, share ideas and help plan and implement activities. We are proud to have a core group of 16 members committed to ensure we maximize effectiveness.

Community Partners join our mailing list, keep in touch through email and social media, volunteer when time permits and attend occasional meetings.

Please let us know how you’d like to be involved today!

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