Be Responsible

The term “Be Responsible” means many things to many people. Merrimack Safeguard wants to define what that means to each sector of our community to help us all work together.

helmet picDid you know that there’s a correlation between the number of children who wear bike helmets and the number that choose NOT to use alcohol and other drugs?

If we start promoting safe and healthy choices when our children are young, those values and conversations stick as our children enter the years more prone to risk-taking.

You can start as early as preschool to help your children be responsible! Click for Beyond Influence’s brochure Age Appropriate Conversations About Substance Abuse for ideas and conversation starters.

BeRespChecklist icon

  • Do you know it’s illegal to host a party that provides alcohol to anyone under 21 regardless of the circumstances? You could face a $2,000 FINE and a year in jail.
  • Twenty percent of our students said they’ve ridden in cars where the driver had been drinking. It takes at least an hour to absorb one 12 ounce beer, one 6 ounce glass of wine or one ounce of hard liquor. Always make sure you’re safe to drive.
  • Do you make sure that you wear your seat belt, keep your cell phone in your pocket and keep your eyes on the road? Our kids do what we do! Let’s keep them safe!
  • Many people use designated drivers for a night on the town. However, most adults aren’t aware of the physical impact of excessive drinking. Please talk to your health care provider to ensure you are within safe limits for you!

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